Contruction Woes – Almost Finished II

Poor guy, he got his truck stuck underneath the balcony of my neighbor’s house. To make things worse, he could not get any traction. Eventually several guys had to push the truck out.

Still waiting for the construction to end. Once they are done, we get our street back 🙂

Construction Woes - Saigon, Vietnam

(Uh oh, he’s stuck)

Construction Woes - Saigon, Vietnam

 (He will loose traction shortly)

Construction Woes - Saigon, Vietnam

 (I can’t wait to get pack our paved road)

  • Kate

    The contruction near your house hasn’t finished yet? hichic. That would be very incovenient dear! Have a great day by the way 🙂

  • Today the workers are knocking down part of my house. Construction will be done within the month. I can’t wait.

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