Happy Hung King’s Day!

Well, for most of us, today was the first day of our 6 day long holiday. Today is Hung Kung’s Day, the first time such a holiday was celebrated officially in Vietnam. Tomorrow is a working day for some companies but many decided to let their employees enjoy a long holiday. Monday is Reunification Day, Tuesday is Mayday. I hope you all enjoy your long break.

In about two weeks, I will actually take my first vacation of the year. Tentatively, a friend and I will travel to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat for 3-4 days starting on May 11th. This will be my first trip to Cambodia 🙂

  • Kevin, I plan to go to Cambodia in June. Enjoy and give me advices then…

  • Don’t laugh but I think I will buy a bowling ball instead of going to Cambodia 🙂

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