3T and Texas BBQ

Even though my birthday is on April 16th, I decided to have an early birthday party with my friends; Hanh, Ly, Vinh and Nam. We went to 3T, a popular Vietnamese BBQ located near Saigon Centre on the roof of the Temple Club. As usual, the food there was excellent. We later headed to the Texas BBQ restaurant for dessert (yeah, this is where President George W. Bush stopped to eat during his trip to Ho Chi Minh City).

Saigon 3T on top of Temple Club roof

(Grilling live shrimp at 3T)

Saigon Texas BBQ - Where George Bush ate

 (Texas BBQ)

Saigon Texas BBQ - Where George Bush ate

 (Texas BBQ)

4 comments on “3T and Texas BBQ”

  1. Rogena

    Texas Shrimp BBQ? That is interesting, in Saigon. Please tell me it is good. I will make a note of another American back up restaurant.

  2. Lawrence Sinclair

    Texas BBQ is in a new location (oddly in a Japanese restaurant district). But the food is just as good. With the collapse of Fusions’ service and quality (on top of the Palace Hotel) I think Texas BBQ may be the best place for BBQ and steak in Saigon. The pulled pork sandwich is a favourite among many of mine and of many of my American friends.

    3T is also great, although I was shocked at first when I realized the poor little shrimps were still writhing and alive as we BBQ’d them.

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