Vietnam Airlines (Saigon – Hanoi)

Despite what I tell my friends, I actually do love to travel, especially on airplanes. It had been nearly 19 months since I had last been on an airplane (from Los Angeles back to Saigon via Hong Kong). At that time, I was tired of flying after being on an airplane 8 times in less than one month. Now was the time to fly again. A short little business trip to Hanoi gave me an excuse to get back on an airplane. I flew with Vietnam Airlines (My friend, Hanh, works for Vietnam Airlines), one of my favorite airlines in the World now.

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777

(Tan Son Nhat Airport – Saigon)

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777

(People waiting to board Vietnam Airlines Flight #214)

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777

(Seat 45K – Believe it or not, this is a Window Seat)

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777

(View of Tan Son Nhat Airport with the Window BEHIND my Seat)

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777

(Airport in Hanoi)

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777

(Seat 18K – Window Seat, I kid you not)

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777

(Fleet of Vietnam Airlines Planes in Hanoi)

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777

(Passengers boarding for an evening flight to Saigon)

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777

(Night arrival into Saigon)

  • As long as they lower their damn fares. Curse their fares!

  • Their fares are not that bad, really 🙂 You can always book online and go with Pacific Airlines and save around 1.2 million.

  • Well, I hate the Vietnam Government because my dad and relatives were killed by them. However, I like their National Flag Carrier. The Vietnam Airlines has been improved; which compares to other Asian commerical airlines. I can’t wait to see their new Boeing 787 aircrafts, and also the their expansion services to the United Kingdom and the Americas. I think they are going to have more flights to the United States when Long Thanh International Airport is completed.

  • Forgot one thing….I didn’t know you were a Marine. If you were….then Semper Fi!


    Sgt G., USMCR

  • @Henry:

    I can’t wait until they fly to the US. I think their service will be very good. I flew recently with Eva Air to Seattle from Saigon. Service was good but I think Vietnam Airlines would make the long flight more comfortable.

    Semper Fi to you too 🙂

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