Japanese Food and Dancing

I lost a bet nearly two years ago with Hanh and Phuong. It was now time to pay up after this long time. Since I lost the bet, I had to take them to a Japanese buffet at the Equatorial Hotel in District 5 of Saigon. It was my first time eating at this hotel despite living near it for over a year. I was impressed with the food.

Equatorial Hotel, Saigon

(Yummy Japanese food)

Equatorial Hotel, Saigon

(Sushi bar)

Equatorial Hotel, Saigon

(A very delicious and sweet hot pot)

After we ate, we all headed to the Sheraton Hotel’s Level 23 for some dancing. The group, Saint, was still playing there. It was an enjoyable evening.

The Saint, Sheraton Hotel, Saigon, Vietnam

(The Saint)

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