Construction Mess Part II


The mess still continues but it looks like the actual construction and the dust it creates will end soon. I can’t wait. My landlord refuses to show up to the house and remedy the situation, He just needs to block an airway over my gate to keep most of the dust out.

A dusty house in Saigon

(My sofa after two days of not dusting, for real…)

A dusty house in Saigon

(The sofa used to be brighter when I first moved into this house one year ago)

A dusty house in Saigon

(Another view of the dusty sofa)


  1. Hey Chris,

    The dilemma that I have is that if I leave, he will get to keep the three month’s deposit. My friend told me that the Vietnamese way is to hold onto the rent until the landlord makes the necessary repairs to the house. If he does not, he is breaking the contract though that really does not mean much in Vietnam at this point.

    I gave him a list of things needing repaired over a month ago. I may need to hold out for about three months and then leave.

    AND I will complain less. I want to be more positive with this blog about Vietnam…

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