Construction Mess

It has been a huge mess in the alleyway in front of my house. When will the construction end, no one seems to know. The dust and dirt the construction creates is a big nightmare. In the morning and night, I must mop the ground floor of my house but I really need to mop it, if I had time, every 4 hours. When I moved into this house one year ago, it just needed one mop a day with a thorough house cleaning just once a week. Now, well, lets just say, I can’t keep it up. If I had a housekeeper, I know she will quit. I will be renegotiating the rent of my house this week. My landlord wants to increase it by $50 as written on the contract but I am going to ask for a $50 reduction. He already broke the contract (if it means anything in Vietnam) by not keeping up with normal maintenance. This should be an interesting week…

Construction Mess, Saigon

(The dust created from this cement mix makes it into our houses)

Construction Mess, Saigon

(A big mess)

Construction Mess, Saigon

(No house is free from the construction dust)

Construction Mess, Saigon

(In front of my gate, my neighbor ‘cemented’ her plants here, I kicked the pots and she later removed them but did not clean up the mess)

Construction Mess, Saigon

(Cement dust, my neighbor never cleans up this mess from her workers)

Construction Mess, Saigon

(The dust blows into my house either above or below my gate)

Construction Mess, Saigon

(The workers like to block my entrace as well)

What is irritating about my neighbor is that she allows her workers to park their motorbike in front of my gate.  I complained to her many time but once I leave my house, she lets them park their bikes in front my house again.

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  1. christie

    I stumbled across your blog through a Goggle search and I have to say I am envious, since I’ve never been to Vietnam and I am Vietnamese. It’s interesting to see your view of the country.

  2. kevmille

    Vietnam is a great country. With WTO ascension today, it will develop much faster. Better visit Vietnam now before it changes and becomes more Western-like…

    Thanks for your comments…

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