Fixing my Air Conditioner

It took my landlord nearly 9 months but he finally sent some men over to fix my air conditioner.

Phu Nhuan District

(Finally repairing my air conditioner)

Since last July, there has been some major construction on my alleyway. The People’s Committee wants to widen the alleyway so most of the houses have to renovate to meet the new requirements. What was supposed to have been completed in two months has now taken nearly 10 months creating a big headaches for the entire neighborhood. The inside of my house is filthy due to the dust. Despite mopping in the morning and evening, my house is still filthy most of the day.

Phu Nhuan Alleyway

(Major construction and renovating opposite my house)

The dust and dirt has finally forced me to seek a new house is a cleaner area.

New House Phu Nhuan District

(A potential new house)

New House Phu Nhuan District

(This is a very nice neighborhood located in the Tan Binh District)

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  1. kevmille

    It is on the same street as the airport. You will have to go to the airport, and then turn around and head back to the city. You will easily spot Saigon Superbowl when you go by it both times.

    I am happy if I break 100 too 🙂 I am happy if my bowling ball hits the pins 🙂

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