A Saigon Christmas

Christmas is very popular in Saigon now, a big surprise to many Americans. Christmas decorations, including XMas trees, are everywhere.  Aluminum foil is considered the proper decoration for snow here…

Saigon Christmas, Saigon, Vietnam

(A Toy Store located on Ky Dong and Truong Dinh)

Saigon Christmas, Saigon, Vietnam

(Christmas tree located inside Capital Place Building)

Saigon Christmas, Saigon, Vietnam

(An alleyway decoration of the Virgin Mary in a Catholic area of Saigon)

2 comments on “A Saigon Christmas”

  1. Julie Rabey

    And they took down the Christmas trees at SeaTac – – go figure!

    They did finally come to their senses and put them back as they really have nothing to do with religion anyway. We’re paranoid here. Freedom FROM religion.

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