December House Expenses

  1. 8,000,000 VND – Rent
  2. 184,500 VND – Telephone
  3. 550,000 VND – FPT ADSL
  4. 442,500 VND – Electricity
  5. 92,500 VND – Water
  6. 10,000 VND – Garbage

Total: 9,279,500 Vietnamese Dong

Wow, I paid around $566 for all my house expenses for the month of December. My water and electricity bill were to high. I am never home so the water and electricity guys GUESS how much water and electricity I use.

In about one month, I hope to move to a smaller house with lower rent. I currently live in a 5 story house with 4 bedrooms, a sitting room, kitchen, livingroom, balcony and laundryroom (with jacuzzi and sauna). BUT I only use my bedroom and kitchen so I really do not need to live in this big house. It is too hard to clean up by myself and I really do not want another housekeeper.

Most of the expats I know have smaller expenses. Originally I moved into this house with a roommate. When she left, I had a Viet Kieu stay with me but after he left, I decided not to get a new roommate.

  • Does “telephone” mean mobile phone?

  • No, house phone. My mobile phone bill ranges from 300,000 VND – 1,500,000 VND if I am not careful. I never add that to house expenses 🙂

  • kev, no more flatemates? last word? two german birds living at the mo in horrible pham ngu lao and we are looking for a flat, little house etc. we will stay 6 months and if you have any idea how to find a better place to stay – just let me know, tar a.

  • Kate

    And you are still living in that house now, aren’t you?

  • Yeah, still…

  • H2O

    Check UR math Kev = 9,370,500 VND

  • Lawrence Sinclair

    I hate to say, but my electric bill is about VND 10 million a month.

    • That is for your whole company?

      • lwsinclair

        Just my house. But the company is about the same.

        • Did you ever put an air curtain at the main entrance of your house to trap the escaping cold air? I know some places that use these which help cut down on their electric bills. Not sure how much though.

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