U.S. History II Midterm Examination

Over three weeks ago, my US History II students at the CIE took their midterm examination. It was an open book examination. After curving the grade up, the average class grade for the midterm was around 78 percent. Though it was an open book exam, it was not easy…

CIE Students - Midterm

(CIE students working away)

CIE Students - Midterm

(No cheating!!!)

CIE Students - Midterm

(Hmm…Where can I find the answers???)

CIE Students - Midterm

(Mr. Quang – My Faithful TA)

  • Mai

    Nice pic !! hey…why didnt you call me up , so that I can make a prettier pic…..>.

  • Because I have been working on this blog for only one hour now…

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