Honda Custom 125cc Motorcycle

Yesterday my friend, Phu, and I went around looking at motorcycles. I want something that is really comfortable on the highway. The Yamaha Nouvo is more of a city bike than a country bike. I am considering buying a Honda Custom but a used one will cost around $2,000 (the seller here tried to charge me $4,000). In Vietnam, the only available motorcycles are used. The Vietnamese government will not allow new motorcycles to be imported into Vietnam. Hence, any motorcycle you can find will be a bit pricey. At Vietnam ascends into the WTO, the Vietnamese government will allow the sale of new motorcycles. In the meantime:

Honda Custom - Saigon, Vietnam

(First two motorcycles are Honda Customs)

Honda Custom - Saigon, Vietnam

(I like the 2nd Honda Custom)

  • Minh

    So you like the rougg and tough looking rides. I like the hip ones…HS, or @. But those are too expensive

  • I really want a superbike but with the roads in Vietnam, they are too dangerous, even the 250cc bikes. Plus, all the superbikes are used since the Vietnamese govt. will not allow new superbikes to be imported into Vietnam. After ascending into the WTO, this is supposed to change.

    The Honda Custom is nice but I want to get the right price. I even like the Honda Rebel as well. Again, they are both used but you can easily find parts for them if something goes wrong.

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