Bye bye Windows

Can you believe it? Two of my bedrooms, in a 5-bedroom house, lost their windows already. A 3rd bedroom will lost its windows this week. Due to a lack of coherent construction policies in Saigon, the owners of the house behind us do not need to seek permission from my landlord to build up their house before blocking the windows in our house. The value of this house just decreased…

Brick Windows - Vietnam

(Builders adding a layer of bricks that will eventually block the window)

Brick Windows - Vietnam

(By yesterday evening, the view was completely blocked)

2 comments on “Bye bye Windows”

  1. Minh

    yeah, there are no rules in VN. And the majority of people have little consideration for their neighbors and surrounding.

    wow Im shocked and speechless too looking at the brick wall mocking at you. What are you goona do Kev? maybe poke a hole through it. hey it is them who disregard you in the first place

  2. kevmille

    I have no choice in the matter, unfortunately. My landlord said he will install a fan that will bring fresh air into the room. Knowing him, this could take awhile. I have a 3-year lease that I may break next January because of this.

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