Saigon KFC Fast Food?

Wow, my girlfriend and I waited 5 minutes at the counter before any of the cashiers took our order. With the large number of staff working behind the counter, you would think things would run smoothly at KFC. This particular KFC took the word “fast” out of fast food 🙁

Saigon KFC in Vietnam

  • Minh

    Yeah VN is famous for copying and duplicating the exact image (nha’i), but never the quality

  • People here prefer the chicken at Lotteria, not KFC. Oddly enough, I agree with them. Lotteria’s chicken taste much better than KFC.

  • The home delivery service of KFC in Saigon is fantastic though. I pick up the phone and generally 15-20 minutes later my meal arrives at my apartment here in Saigon.

  • Hmm, I should give delivery a try. I normally skip KFC since I prefer the chicken at Lotteria 🙂

  • I tried the chicken at Lotteria the other day and you’re right, it is good!

  • Many times better than KFC.

    Thanks for the blog add. I added you as well 🙂

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