Saigon KFC Fast Food?

  • Minh

    Yeah VN is famous for copying and duplicating the exact image (nha’i), but never the quality

  • People here prefer the chicken at Lotteria, not KFC. Oddly enough, I agree with them. Lotteria’s chicken taste much better than KFC.

  • The home delivery service of KFC in Saigon is fantastic though. I pick up the phone and generally 15-20 minutes later my meal arrives at my apartment here in Saigon.

  • Hmm, I should give delivery a try. I normally skip KFC since I prefer the chicken at Lotteria 🙂

  • I tried the chicken at Lotteria the other day and you’re right, it is good!

  • Many times better than KFC.

    Thanks for the blog add. I added you as well 🙂

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