Just Another Day

Well, it is Wednesday here. I have to teach 7 hours today. Yuck. I will be at SEAMEO RETRAC, http://www.vnseameo.org, from 1 PM until 9:30 PM. A long day and normally I am exhausted on Thursday mornings. Luckily today my MOET classes finish so I get Wednesday afternoons back.

The weather is cooler again. The expected highs today is 91 F but not hot enough for me to turn on my air conditioner. I woke up and my room was a cool 80 F. Not bad. Can’t believe that I have acclimatized very well to the weather in Vietnam.

Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, starts next week. I have two weeks off. I may go to the beach one day and possibly the Saigon Waterpark on another day. I will also start to study for the LSATs again.

Okay, time to go home and take a short nap before classes.

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