1/2 Year in Vietnam


Wow, I have now spent over a half year in Vietnam now. Next Monday I will have to renew my 6 month business visa. It will cost me $95 US. I paid $170 the last time which is a big rip off (they wanted me to pay $190 this time). I asked around the expat community and found that most of them paid roughly $100 for a six month business visa.

On Friday I will meet with a Vietnamese Adoptee from the Mam Non organization in the US. We are going to talk about the Amerasians in Vietnam. I really do not have much to say but I will have a lot of comments about the organizations involved with Amerasians. To date, all organizations that have claimed to help Amerasians were in fact just helping themselves.

Long day today. I have to go to SEAMEO at 1 PM. I will be there until 9:30 PM. I will be exhausted tonight. I get about 3 hours for a break so I will make copies of my resume, passport, etc.

Other than that, things are calm. I am having problems sleeping again thanks to that new TV 🙂

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