All Alone in Saigon


Well, I knew this was going to happen even before I left for Vietnam. Jon took off on a flight back to the US. He will be gone for about 6 weeks to 2 months. Clint arrives next month so it will be about a month until I meet with another American again.

I will do some work for the AAHope Foundation while Jon is away. I need to train Chau on how to become an effective nonprofit manager. She will need to be the ‘gatekeeper’ for AAHope since this organization does quite a bit for Amerasians here. I personally am going to prepare the fundraising portfolio for this organization as well as possibly develop a newer website.

I have some friends in Vietnam but they are all about 20-40 kilometers away. My Vietnamese is not good enough yet for me to travel on my own. Still trying to get the alphabet and vowels down. Vietnamese is a 6 tonal language. Ouch.

We had several rainstorms today. My room is leaking water on one wall which will need to be repaired ASAP. Normally, when it rains, the number of mosquitos decrease but I just saw a bunch of them in my room. I made sure I put my mosquito net up before coming downstairs for a late snack.

Hmm, I wonder if Lana is roughing it. I heard Kalani will be headed to PI shortly. Small world.

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