Tired in Saigon


Well, week 2 in Saigon has been a little more difficult than week 1. Last week I only got around 4-5 hours of sleep. I have not slept through a night without waking up. It is loud outside all night. Essentially, it does not really get quiet outside until about 1:30 AM in the morning but most people seem to wake up at around 4 AM. I think I will get used to it eventually in the future.

The nights are cooler now due to the evening thunderstorms. My room got down to about 80 F. It was pleasant. In the morning, the humidity jumps up to the mid-80s but I am getting used to it now.

I love Vietnamese food 🙂 It is amazingly similar to Japanese food. I had something similar to mochi for breakfast last night.

Well, looks like another thunderstorm is on its way to Saigon now. It should cool down really fast now. It is about 90 F outside at around 90% humidity.

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