I love Pho!!!


Last night the Director of Operations for an Amerasian organization and I headed out of Saigon to an English school. It was a long trip to take on a motorscooter (about one hour). On the way back, she dropped me off at her parents to say goodbye to her Vietnamese-Canadian friend. We arrived into Saigon later that night.

For dinner, she bought Pho. Wow, it was awesome. So far it is my most favorite Vietnamese dish.

It was hot again. I am getting a bit tanned on my arms but I put sunscreen on my face. My room cooled down to 84 F last night. I have an air conditioner but I really do not want to use it. I prefer the humid air to the dry air that the air conditioner puts out.

We are going to downtown Saigon today. I need to open up a bank account at Citibank. I will also get a cell phone. I will be traveling by myself quite a bit so until I can learn the language, it would be nice to call home for some assistance 🙂

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