Last Minute Packing


    Darn, I overslept today.  I can’t even go on a run.  I still haven’t packed for the trip.  I have to make sure I have all of my proper nonprofit materials with me.  Hopefully I will have time to draft out a strategic plan tonight before tomorrow’s meeting.  I am also going to decide this week whether I will travel to Saigon, Vietnam, next month for a  year.  I have a place to stay for a year now.

    I am going to compile the latest love-sources kernel before I leave for the train station.  It will only take about 30 minutes.  The 2.6 kernel is AWESOME!!!  Actually I am compiling it as I type out this LJ entry.

    Shorewall 2.0 is finally available in Portage.  I will compile it when I return from Vancouver.

    The KDE 3.2.2 Desktop has been released today.   Since it will take between 18-24 hours to compile, I will have to hold off on installing it until Wednesday.  Hopefully I will be able to access the Address Book in Kmail.

    See you all tomorrow night or Wednesday.

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