Dangers of ice cycles


Just took this photo at my school. Ice cycles do kill in Kazakhstan. There are always warnings issued when it starts to thaw out. I always see this maintenance man knocking down ice cycles with this pole. I am not sure how he gets the higher ones. Posted from WordPress for Android Continue Reading

Choosing a 3G and 4G provider in Kazakhstan

Beeline - Kazakhstan

I have been in Almaty, Kazakhstan, for nearly 3 months now (minus the 3 weeks back in Saigon, Vietnam, for my holidays).  As an avid blogger, social network user, and web developer, I am keen to have the best internet possible. When I first came to Almaty, I was given a Beeline simcard which had 3G.  This is probably one of the first simcards that new foreigners get when they arrive into Kazakhstan.  They are easy to obtain, you do not need to register with your passport.  Unfortunately, this Continue Reading

It is cold, cold, cold, in Almaty


Well, finally a normal cold day in Almaty as you can see in the Accuweather reading below: Yes it gets colder here and definitely in other parts of Kazakhstan. We have seen lots of snowfall as well in Almaty but this year, each snowfall ks followed by warmer temperatures which melt the snow. Not this time. We had nearly 24 hours of snow, which is cool, but damn cold. I am ready for Spring which could be another 2 months away still. Below are more snow pictures from this week. Continue Reading