Along the New Silk Road (Saigon, Vietnam, to Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Air Astana KC907 takeoff

Air Astana KC-907 winter takeoff

Monday’s video will focus on the takeoff of Air Astana KC-907 after it was de-iced.  It had just started to snow again.  Sorry for the blurry window, it was due to the de-icing chemicals.  It will go away as the Boeing 757 gets into the air.  This flight is headed to New Dehli, India, on […]

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Yearly Top Posts and Pages (

Just checked my stats for the past year.  Below are the top 10 posts and pages for Halal Restaurants in Saigon and Hanoi A new Greener Yamaha Nouvo SX 125 Bloggers in VietnamAbout Aries/Rats (Nezumis) Criminal Background Check for Vietnam (2013) How to get a Vietnamese Girlfriend the Western Way Itsumo – My Favorite […]

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