Tram Cafe

Tram Cafe - Saigon

Here is another Tram Cafe in Saigon.  A bit crammed, coffee is good but service is poor.  The waitress fell asleep so somebody had to call her the cafe's telephone to wake her up.  The other Tram Cafe, separate owners, is my favorite. Continue Reading

Olympic Weightlifting Area at Get Fit Gym (Saigon)

Close up of the indentations lef

I have now been doing Olympic Weightlifting at Get Fit Gym in Saigon for over a couple months now.  My technique is slowly improving though I still have about 6 more months to really get more comfortable with the weights.  I am still just lifting light compared to where I should be at if I want to compete in the Masters level. If you are interested in my Training Logs, I keep them at my other weightlifting blog,  I normally train the Olympic Lifts every other day.  If anyone Continue Reading

The Prettiest Catholic Church in Saigon

Beautiful Catholic Church in Saigon

I have passed this Catholic Church so many times on Hai Ba Trung Street, in District 1, but never have really taken a good shot of this church.  Not that I remember, at least.  I went by a couple days ago and was surprised how beautiful it was around noon.  This is the shot I took with it's amazing pink color. Continue Reading