Ali Baba Restaurant Grand Opening – Doner Kebabs in Saigon

Ali Baba Restaurant Halal Kebab in Saigon

A new halal restaurant, Ali Baba Restaurant, is opening up near the Tan Son Nhat Airport offering halal doner kebabs.  It will open tomorrow, February 22nd.  Opening deals include the following: 50% discount on the opening day 30% discount every Friday 20% discount for every student and taxi driver See below for the full menu and directions: Ali Baba will offer some of the best prices for doner kebabs and halal food in the city.  Call for delivery as well.  A more thorough review Continue Reading

After Tet Saigon getting back to normal – My Update

Life in Saigon is getting back to normal.  This is one of the best Tets I ever experienced in Saigon which is amazing since I never actually left the city.  I got about 9 days rest but the actual holiday was probably 16 days for me since many of my students left class early and some have not even returned yet. The year of the Snake will bring many changes for me.  My Temporary Resident Card and Work Permit expires this May.  I will have to go through the whole notarization process again but Continue Reading

Relative Humidity Quite Low in Saigon


The relative humidity is quite low in Saigon the last couple days.  This is something I am just not used to.  I never remember it being this low.  Accuweather says the relative humidity is about 38% now.  The mean is around the mid 70s percent. Last night my skin, nose and lips were drier then normal.  It actually kept me up part of the night.  I thought it was my air conditioner but when I opened the window, that normal moist air that would rush in was not there.  I kind of feel like I am in Continue Reading

How the traffic police got my 600,000 VND

Well, it is the Year of the Snake now.  Today is Day 4 of the Tet New Year here in Vietnam.  I rode my motorbike to Bien Hoa outside of Saigon to see a friend.  I rode him back to Saigon during the early afternoon today.  At the outskirts of Saigon, I was passing a motorbike in the left lane when the traffic police flagged me down.  Yes. riding in the left lane even to pass is a traffic violation in Vietnam though you see many motorbikes doing this all the time.  This will be my 3rd left lane Continue Reading

Tet Traffic in Saigon


A surprise for me this Tet holiday was the amount of traffic during Tet. This is normally a time for light traffic throughout Saigon for most of Tet. Amazing how times have changed. Continue Reading