Spring has arrived in Almaty


Well, one month away until my return to Saigon. I decided to blog from SaigonNezumi only now. I got a lot of trips planned for next month.  During my 7 weeks in Vietnam I will visit Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. I am thinking about spending a longer time in Indonesia if I like it there. Anyway, more snow in Almaty now. Even the mountains are becoming bare.  Spring is here but summer is just around the corner. Here are some spring pictures from Mega. Continue Reading

Back in Saigon next month


Well, the long winter is finally over in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The 6 months I have stayed in Kazakhstan each had snowfall. I hate snow. It even snowed after the temperatures were in the 20s. The school year ends next month and all teachers get a 7 week paid holiday. I will be making my way back to Saigon. Coffee shops are now moving seats outside but I still prefer them in Saigon. Get ready for more updates again including my upcoming trips to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Posted Continue Reading