Almaty to Saigon


I am back in Saigon again. Had a great flight from Almaty with Air Astana. The flight was not too crowded and took the short route over India. Below are some pictures of the flight. Expect an active blog for the next two months.  I head to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur next week. Posted from WordPress for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Continue Reading

Registration Hotpot – Better way to stop spam accounts in WordPress


If you use Wordpress like me with the majority of sites, you may have a similar problem that I do.  On 3 of my popular Wordpress sites, I get nailed by more then a handful of spam accounts getting created each day.  For this blog, it got to the point where I actually had to stop accepting user registrations. Last week I read that ThemeHybrid released Registration Honeypot which was supposed to trick spambots from creating new spam accounts.  I tried it on one site and was amazed.  No new spam Continue Reading

Beautiful Almaty, Kazakhstan (2014)

Mega 2 with Mega Towers in the background

It is hard to believe that nearly one month ago, we had out last snowfall in Almaty.  Spring is here but it feels like an early Summer.  By next week, the weather will get up into the high 20s and low 30s.  That is getting close to Saigon weather.  A great way to get acclimated since I will be in Southeast Asia for 7 weeks starting in a month. Below are some Spring photos I took around the Miras Microregion. Continue Reading

2048 – My Favorite Android Game at the moment


Well, my students got me addicted to 2048.  I started playing this game app last weekend.  I saw many of my students playing it but never understood why they liked it so much.  I did not really take notice until I read some articles about American parents complaining about the new Common Core Math Curriculum.  In short, this curriculum makes students solve math problems similar to how Asians tend to do their math (think abacus).   Anyway, when I read this article, I realized that there may be a Continue Reading

Encrypting Gmail emails with Mailvelope


It has been awhile since I did any technology blog posts.  I decided it was time to do some again.  As an ICT/Design Technology teacher, I should keep up to date on all technology.  I go through a list of Tech News each day. Today I found a good Add-On for Firefox called Mailvelope <>.  I needed this add-on since a friend sent me an encrypted email.  It has been awhile since I used OpenPGP so I needed to find a add-on real quick like.  I searched on Google and Continue Reading