Good prices in Saigon


This week I had 2 suits made. Of course I needed to get some shirts and ties.  I bought three new shirts from Mattana and 5 ties from the Saigon Tax Center along with 5 black t-shirts. I got the shirts for 1.7 million VND or about $85 USD.  The t-shirts and ties cost me a total of 850,000 VND or about $43 USD.  Great prices. All are good quality. The shirt prices were set but I bargained for the rest. I plan to import some of these items into Kazakhstan Continue Reading

Vạn Hưng Phát Seafood Restaurant


I visited this seafood restaurant last night in the Tan Phu District. It was okay. I wanted some steamed clams last night which is something that will be difficult to get in landlocked Kazakhstan. We ordered steam clams, some vegetables, breaded crab claws and finally a fish hotpot. The hotpot was too sour.  Fruit tray at the end was poor too. The restaurant is still new.  Customer service was very good. The bill was around 800,000 VND ($40 USD) for about 5 adults. Continue Reading