Meet Satan

Nearly two weeks ago, I took my vet, Y, to visit Beyoz, a big white cat that belongs to the General Director of the Horizon International Bilingual School.  The GD was on a trip to Turkey and he wanted me to bring the vet to take a look his cat's skin problem. Well, what should have been an easy examination turned out to be very difficult.  This was one tough cat as you will soon see in the video below.  In the end, we called the cat, Satan. :-) Enjoy the video: Continue Reading

The American School of Vietnam

The American School of Vietnam

Well, I think I am a bit behind the times in regards to new international schools in Saigon.  I found out that Fran Radano has helped open another high-quality school in Vietnam called The American School of Vietnam.  I met Fran about 5 years ago when he was still running Cleverlearn which attained a good reputation for high-quality while he was working there. About 3 years ago he also helped form the American International School where I currently teach ICT part-time.  At the time, I Continue Reading

Great photo shots of Saigon (HCMC)

VietnamNet Bridge has a good photo gallery of a bird's eye view of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).  As you can tell, Saigon is developing and growing quite fast.  Parts of the city are looking more and more Western by the day.  In 5-10 years, you will not even recognize the historical Saigon (District 1).  Below are some shots of Saigon: View more pictures here -> Continue Reading

Hot in Saigon

As this article suggests, Saigonese distressed by heat wave, this week has been one of the hottest I experienced in Vietnam.  For me, I noticed that I keep my air conditioner on most of the time hovering around 25 C (78 F).  That is a nice and cool temperature but my air conditioner struggles to keep it at that temperature during the day.  At night, I can get it down to 23 C (74 F) which is comfortable. I find myself going from one air conditioned building to the next.  After five minutes on Continue Reading

Job Opening: IT Project Manager

IT Project Manager Report to: IT Manager Role: Work with technical and business teams to understand their requirements and provide appropriate solutions. Prepare project feasibility and project documentation according to PLM methodology Develop, coordinate and monitor project plan Maintain project tracking and control within budget Ensure upgraded or new applications developed, tested and deployed to meet expected objectives and to comply with internal controls Interface with Continue Reading