Carl’s, Jr., in Saigon (Vincom Center)

I made a visit to the newly opened Carl's, Jr., fastfood restaurant at the Vincom Center's Food Court in Saigon.  I had my first mushroom burger in Vietnam.  It was okay but in the end, we all prefer Black Cat's hamburgers instead.  Make one visit to Carl's, Jr., and then never go back... :-) Continue Reading

Mexican Food at Mimosa

Okay, I will admit it, I tend to spend most of my lunches at Mimosa, 88 Bui Vien Street (Pham Ngu Lao) for the last 5 years.  I have known some of the wait staff and chef for a really long time now.  The chef is one of the best in the backpacker area in my opinion.  He is really good at Tex-Mex dishes such as my favorite below: (Something similar to enchiladas) Continue Reading

I got my work permit (^_^)

Well, finally, after trying for nearly 10 months, I got my work permit.  I can now legally work in Vietnam for the Horizon International Bilingual School for the next 3 years in various capacities relating to IT. My work permit can be extended three times possibly up to 9 more years for a total of 12 years. My school is now working on getting me my 3 year temporary resident card. Yes, it was a bit difficult to get my work permit.  I originally started with my company, SLG Vscapeone.  Due Continue Reading

Six Years in Saigon (2004-2010)

It is hard to believe, last week I hit the six year mark in Vietnam.  Things have changed in the last six years I have lived in Saigon.  I have lived in several parts of the city, each with their own memories: Thu Duc District (May, 2004, - September, 2004) - I volunteered for Jon Tinquist's Amerasian organization, AAHope.  Jon and his assistant, Bao Chau, took care of me during my early days in Vietnam.  My lack of understanding Vietnamese culture and tension forced me to leave Thu Duc for Continue Reading

Meet Satan

Nearly two weeks ago, I took my vet, Y, to visit Beyoz, a big white cat that belongs to the General Director of the Horizon International Bilingual School.  The GD was on a trip to Turkey and he wanted me to bring the vet to take a look his cat's skin problem. Well, what should have been an easy examination turned out to be very difficult.  This was one tough cat as you will soon see in the video below.  In the end, we called the cat, Satan. :-) Enjoy the video: Continue Reading