Price difference between Almaty and Saigon


I know my friend says do not compare Vietnam with Kazakhstan but I cannot help myself. I am back in Saigon now for holidays. A couple weeks ago I was going to print my Kazakh language book in Almaty.  After totaling up the number of pages, I would have had to pay over $20 USD to print the whole book. In Saigon I printed the same book for $3.75 USD. Things are cheaper here in Saigon. Today I started loading up on my Japanese curry which I cannot get in Almaty. I bought an electric shaver Continue Reading

New Blog and Update

weightlifter has been dead for a bit.  I have been focusing my time at the weight room since last August.  I decided to give Olympic Weightlifting a try again after being away from it for 16 years.  It has helped me get back into shape, finally.  I even formed a new blog called which is where I will spend more time in the future achieving my goals for the next 40+ years of my life. is going to get a new theme.  I am still editing it, there were issues Continue Reading

Medical care for US Veterans in Saigon


If you are a US veteran with a service connected injury, there are several good hospitals you can use in Saigon.  I currently use both Family Medical Practice and the International SOS hospitals.  Both now have experience with US vets and can fill out the DBQ forms. For service connected injuries, the Veterans Affairs Foreign Medical Program will cover the costs of your treatment and evaluations.  The downside is you have to pay up front and send your receipts to the US.  About two months Continue Reading

Celebrating Sharp’s 100th Anniversary in Vietnam

Sharp Solar Panels

It is hard to imagine that Japanese-owned, Sharp, is now celebrating its 100th year Anniversary. As one of the prominent bloggers in Saigon, I have been asked to write about my memories about Sharp. I have used Sharp off and on since I first entered university back in 1991 over two decades ago.  I remember my first 13 inch TV set I purchased for my dorm room was a Sharp.  I kept if for a couple years before replacing it with a 20 inch Sharp television set.  I remember for the 1990s, the Continue Reading