Was Ubuntu really worth it?

I was surprised that I spent nearly a year running Ubuntu on my desktop, netbook and laptops at home.  Unfortunately for Ubuntu, I brought back an iPad from the US after my 7 week trip.  The iPad immediately replaced my eeePC that ran Ubuntu on it.  Once I bought the iPad, the poor eeePC never saw daylight again.  Yes, I love Android but I fell in love with the iPad, I have not put it down since.  For the first time in a long time, I could play games on a computer with the iPad.  I enjoyed Continue Reading

My Linux Phones (from 2005 – present)

Motorola e680i Linux Phone

It is common knowledge amongst my friends that I am a Linux gadget freak, especially in regards to mobile phones.  I have been using Linux-based mobile phones for nearly 6 years now.  I was an early fan of the Motorola Linux phones owning 4 of them along the way.  I have owned 2 iPhones in the past before selling them and one Windows Mobile-based phone as well.  None of them equalled to my love affair with Linux phones. For me, a mobile phone must be able to take good pictures, and recently, Continue Reading

Internet line damaged in Vietnam

It is not in the English news sites yet but the internet line shared by VNPT, Viettel and FPT was damaged recently outside of Vung Tau somewhere in the ocean.  I found out yesterday from my friend at VNPT when I complained about the terrible bandwidth from Vietnam to the US. Nobody seems to know when the line was actually damaged but I think it happened last Saturday morning when we had the small earthquake. The line is supposed to be repaired sometime next week but nobody knows when for Continue Reading

What I brought from the US to Vietnam

Well, it is hard to believe I have now stayed in Vietnam for over 2 weeks now after my 7 week trip to the US.  I have finally got over my jet lag.  I sleep at somewhat normal times now.  I can actually do some real blogging versus the photoblogging you have been seeing for the last couple of months. This post I want to talk about the three top items I brought from the US that are helping improve my personal quality of life in Vietnam.  They may just be minor things but they are making a Continue Reading