Startup Weekend Singapore 2012

Startup Weekend Singapore

I was asked to publish this to help promote Startup Weekend Singapore 2012. Singapore, 15 February 2012 - A group of students from the National University of Singapore Overseas Colleges Alumni (NOC Alumni) have partnered with key players in the Singapore entrepreneurial scene, to bring the next Startup Weekend to Singapore. Startup Weekend Singapore will be held on 9-11 March 2012 at NUS Business School. Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences, Continue Reading

Installing Project Fedena, Nginx, MySQL, Mongrel on CentOS 6

Project Fedena School ERP

Edit 1: Added HowTo section at the end to get ImageMagick and Rmagick gem to work with CentOS thus allowing users to upload pictures to Fedena. Edit 2: Added HowTo to get Postfix email server running on localhost so users can get Password Reset emails. Yesterday I finally got Project Fedena running on CentOS 6.0 for my friend's international school in Tunis, Tunisia.  Project Fedena is an ever popular open source school management system developed with Ruby on Rails developed by Foradian Continue Reading

Another Android Convert in Saigon

New Android User in Saigon

My friend returned from Malaysia with her new Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet.  I remember back in October, 2008, people thought I was crazy for using an G1 Android phone here in Saigon.  Three and a half years later, people are now asking me what version of Android I am using.  It is great but Continue Reading

Hoshi paying Cat Toys on the iPad

Yes guys, it is possible, a cat can play a game on the iPad.  I downloaded Cat Toys Lite last summer but tested it out on Hoshi a couple days ago.  What I saw surprised me.  I placed my iPad at the end of my bed.  Hoshi was immediately interested in pouncing on the mouse.  I posted the 5 minute video, Hoshi playing Cat Toys on the iPad, below.  Sorry, for the first 2 and half minutes it is dark because I forgot to turn the flash on. Continue Reading