Fraudulent Website: Orion NewTech

Orion NewTech logo

Edit: March, 14, 2014 Dinh Nguyen is still illegally operating OrionNewTech in Vietnam and has made no efforts to pay the money he owes me. --- It seems that the theme of the last couple of weeks are Expats and Vietnamese websites copying content and ideas from other websites.  My blog gets copied alot, I am used to that but when I found a website of my old company, that I shutdown, online, that surprised me. Continue Reading

Transfer of Wealth To Asia and Bitcoin


One of my friends in the US plans to move to Vietnam in about a year and actively promote Bitcoin, an online currency growing in popularity each year.  I actually have an account with 1 Bitcoin and am still learning the ropes of using this type of currency.  I was surprised at the many thing you can buy with Bitcoins including even trading them for money.  Here is an article about Bitcoins could transfer the wealth from the US to Asia via Bitcoins technology. Continue Reading

Why I like India’s .in domain names

A couple week's ago, blogger and Twitter user, Ourman in Hanoi, mentioned that he just purchased a .in domain for his future website,  When I saw this domain, I immediately realized that the .in domains would be great for bloggers and travel websites for marketing and promoting their country specific blogs. Continue Reading

Startup Weekend Singapore 2012

Startup Weekend Singapore

I was asked to publish this to help promote Startup Weekend Singapore 2012. Singapore, 15 February 2012 - A group of students from the National University of Singapore Overseas Colleges Alumni (NOC Alumni) have partnered with key players in the Singapore entrepreneurial scene, to bring the next Startup Weekend to Singapore. Startup Weekend Singapore will be held on 9-11 March 2012 at NUS Business School. Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences, Continue Reading

Installing Project Fedena, Nginx, MySQL, Mongrel on CentOS 6

Project Fedena School ERP

Edit 1: Added HowTo section at the end to get ImageMagick and Rmagick gem to work with CentOS thus allowing users to upload pictures to Fedena. Edit 2: Added HowTo to get Postfix email server running on localhost so users can get Password Reset emails. Yesterday I finally got Project Fedena running on CentOS 6.0 for my friend's international school in Tunis, Tunisia.  Project Fedena is an ever popular open source school management system developed with Ruby on Rails developed by Foradian Continue Reading