Megatouch linux game machines in Saigon


I was at Bud's Ice Cream today and happened to turn right when this game machine was booting up.  Any Linux guy would notice that this machine was running Linux based on the boot up screen.  Turned out the entire system was running Linux.  I went to check it out, it was a Megatouch game machine that had some very interesting games.  I tried to locate them online but could not find the website of the vendor.  It was interesting to see Linux running though... Continue Reading

Educational Tools for my School

Moodle Learning Management System

This week I am trying to get more educational tools ready for the teachers and for my computer club. Today I finally got Moodle up and running.  It is functioning which is the good news.  I still need to add the classes and students to our Moodle instance but within a week, teachers will be able to use it with their class.  Moodle is an open source learning management system popular around the world.  I am a Sakai guy myself but it is actually more difficult to install and maintain than Continue Reading

Ubuntu Desktop Upgrade


Well, I decided to upgrade my desktop today. It had been at least 3-4 months since I used my desktop at home.  I had some power supply issues.  My last two upgrades, I replaced my motherboard but this time around, I decided not to replace my Gigabyte EP43-DS3 motherboard.  I am also still using my Intel Core 2 Quad processor (yeah, I have been running a quad core system for a year a half now).  I will wait until at least a year before building a new desktop with Intel's Core i7 processor.  I did Continue Reading