Vietnam Airlines (Saigon – Hanoi)

Despite what I tell my friends, I actually do love to travel, especially on airplanes. It had been nearly 19 months since I had last been on an airplane (from Los Angeles back to Saigon via Hong Kong). At that time, I was tired of flying after being on an airplane 8 times in less than one month. Now was the time to fly again. A short little business trip to Hanoi gave me an excuse to get back on an airplane. I flew with Vietnam Airlines (My friend, Hanh, works for Vietnam Airlines), one of Continue Reading

SuperBowl – Diamond Plaza

Bowling seems to be very popular among the Saigonese youth. You can find Superbowl, the main provider for bowling in Saigon, at Parkson, the Superbowl complex near the airport, and at Diamond Plaza. (Diamond Plaza Superbowl) (Another view of the bowling alley in Diamond Plaza) Continue Reading

Saigon Friends :-)

I have a lot of good friends in Saigon that I enjoy hanging out with.  Last Thursday we all had dinner at a BBQ cafe in the Pham Ngu Lao area which lasted until 12:30 AM. (Ly) (Ly's Cousin) (My Linux Geek Friend, Vinh) Continue Reading

Hole in the Wall Part II

Nearly 10 days since my neighbor's construction workers punched a hole in my livingroom wall. About 5 days later, they punched another bigger hole on the wall in from of my house. They also knocked down a statue on my wall which landed on my sofa then smashed into pieces unto my glass coffee table which in turned crached into two. Wow!!! My neighbor denied responsibility so my landlord repaired it at his own expense. Sometime this week, my neighbor is supposed to repair both holes on my Continue Reading